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Syosset Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated pharmacy providing the community with not only the highest quality pharmaceuticals but providing its patrons with education.

Who We Are

We strive to be a pharmacy where our patients receive the best advice and products possible with respect to this emerging healthcare trend. Patients need to know how to use , the side effects associated with use, and any interaction associated with its use. That is why we are proud to have already partnered with offices in the community to do just that and we are looking to expand our robust network.

We encourage you and your staff to stop by or call us. Let us show you what products and services we have to offer you and your patients. We look forward to working with you!

Our Mission Statement

Syosset Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated pharmacy founded upon the owner’s compassion in helping the community with chronic health conditions and their pharmaceutical needs.

Going Beyond Prescriptions

We have ventured into the new way of healing your body and mind. has become the fastest growing natural remedy for patients with debilitating or life-threatening medical conditions and Syosset Pharmacy has dedicated its efforts to be in the forefront of this movement. We have become the premier Pharmacy in the area by providing one-on-one consultations to patients with the help of our pharmacist who is an expert in therapeutics. We have also developed patient guides such as “My Journal” that was created to help patients get the most out of using and Opioid-Exit Strategy Using . Please call us for a consultation, we are here to help!


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